Born in Switzerland and based in Brussels, Hugo Lippens is a composer for film, theatre, video games, art video and new media. He has scored features and short films that have premiered in international film festivals, including a feature film by Academy Award winner Pierre Bismuth (Where is Rocky II?). In 2014, He was nominated for the award “Best Young European Composer” at the World Soundtrack Awards.

Having a Master in History and Aesthetics of Cinema allows him to thoroughly analyze the film to be scored. He makes every effort to create a score which is both original and reflecting the guidelines of the director. As a cinephile, Hugo Lippens is fond of Fellini, Paul Thomas Anderson and Miyazaki, and defends a view of cinema with music as a fundamental element.


  • 2018 Katrina’s Dream, directed by Mirko and Dario Bischofberger, Switzerland
  • 2016 Where is Rocky II?, directed by Pierre Bismuth, produced by Ink Connection/Vandertastic Films/Frakas Productions, Germany-France-Belgium
  • 2014 Rosenn, directed by Yvan Le Moine, produced by Vivi Films (performed by the Brussels Philharmonic), Belgium


  • 2019, Show, by Pauline Amelin, produced by Orfeu Productions, France.
  • 2019, A Fine Stew by Marie Glichitch, produced by I.A.D. Belgium.
  • 2019, Dispersion, by Basile Vuillemin, produced by Kino Geneva, Suisse
  • 2018 UNcovered by Pierre Debusschere, produced by 254Forest, Belgium
  • 2017 La dernière Meute by Morgane Thibaut, produced by I.A.D., Belgium
  • 2017 Retina, directed by Justin Heyl, Action Reaction Production, Netherlands
  • 2016 Le Petit Prince, directed by Jad Makki, produced by I.A.D., Belgium
  • 2015 Who’s in the Fridge?, directed by Philippe Lamensch, produced by Zanga productions, Belgium
  • 2015 Fingertips, directed by Basile Vuillemin, produced by I.A.D., Belgium
  • 2014 Do you even know, directed by Arthur Lecouturier, produced by I.A.D., Belgium
  • 2014 Judith, directed by Basile Vuillemin, produced by I.A.D., Belgium
  • 2013 Trois histoires tragiques et délicieuses, directed by Yvan Le Moine produced by Artisan Films, Belgium

Contemporary art/Events

  • 2019 BrightBrussels, lights festival, co-compostion with Jean-Stéphane Garbe for an installation by Catherine Cosme and Saïd Abitar, Belgium
  • 2013 L’Homme aux Loups, performed by John Lippens at Supervues petite surface de l’art contemporain, France


  • 2017 Hush Puppies, Belgium
  • 2017 Commercial, Zurich University, Switzerland
  • 2016 Chamberlan, Paris
  • 2015 50 Jahre Begabtenförderung der Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin
  • 2015 Inspired by Nature, Companion in the Wild, directed by Pablo Munoz, Australia
  • 2012 Prévention incendies, directed by Olivier Frey and Véronique Moret, Swiss foundation for patient’s health

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