Born in Switzerland and based in Brussels, Hugo Lippens is a composer for film, theatre, video games, art video and new media. Nominated for the “Best Young European Composer” award at the World Soundtrack Awards, Hugo has scored features and short films that have premiered in international film festivals, including Rosenn by Yvan Lemoine, Where is Rocky II? by Academy Award winner Pierre Bismuth and UNcovered by Pierre Debusschere. These films have been selected at international festivals or museums such as LACMA in Los Angeles, the Locarno international film festival, Hot Docs in Toronto and the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

In 2019, Hugo joined RABADA, a film music agency based in Belgium, and is regularly working with 254studio for pop/rap/electro projects and events.


  • 2018 Katrina’s Dream, directed by Mirko and Dario Bischofberger, Clacson Production, Switzerland
  • 2016 Where is Rocky II?, directed by Pierre Bismuth, produced by Ink Connection/Vandertastic Films/Frakas Productions, Germany-France-Belgium
  • 2014 Rosenn, directed by Yvan Le Moine, produced by Vivi Films (performed by the Brussels Philharmonic), Belgium


  • 2020 La Mixité, ça s’apprend à l’école! by Jad Makki, Fondation Pacte, Switzerland
  • 2020 Ce qui reste, by Hugo Salvaire, produced by I.A.D. Belgium
  • 2019 Show, by Pauline Amelin, produced by Orfeu Productions, France
  • 2019 A Fine Stew by Marie Glichitch, produced by I.A.D. Belgium.
  • 2019 Tout le monde a gagné, Jad Makki, produced by Fondation Pacte, Switzerland
  • 2019 Dispersion, by Basile Vuillemin, produced by Kino Geneva, Switzerland
  • 2018 UNcovered by Pierre Debusschere, produced by 254Forest, Belgium
  • 2017 La dernière Meute by Morgane Thibaut, produced by I.A.D., Belgium
  • 2017 Retina, directed by Justin Heyl, Action Reaction Production, Netherlands
  • 2016 Le Petit Prince, directed by Jad Makki, produced by I.A.D., Belgium
  • 2015 Who’s in the Fridge?, directed by Philippe Lamensch, produced by Zanga productions, Belgium
  • 2015 Fingertips, directed by Basile Vuillemin, produced by I.A.D., Belgium
  • 2014 Do you even know, directed by Arthur Lecouturier, produced by I.A.D., Belgium
  • 2014 Judith, directed by Basile Vuillemin, produced by I.A.D., Belgium
  • 2013 Trois histoires tragiques et délicieuses, directed by Yvan Le Moine produced by Artisan Films, Belgium

Contemporary art/Events

  • 2019 BrightBrussels, lights festival, co-compostion with Jean-Stéphane Garbe for an installation by Catherine Cosme and Saïd Abitar, Belgium
  • 2013 L’Homme aux Loups, performed by John Lippens at Supervues petite surface de l’art contemporain, France


  • 2017 Hush Puppies, Belgium
  • 2017 Commercial, Zurich University, Switzerland
  • 2016 Chamberlan, Paris
  • 2015 50 Jahre Begabtenförderung der Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Berlin
  • 2015 Inspired by Nature, Companion in the Wild, directed by Pablo Munoz, Australia
  • 2012 Prévention incendies, directed by Olivier Frey and Véronique Moret, Swiss foundation for patient’s health

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