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Katrina’s Dream in London and Nashville

First festivals for Katrina’s Dream by Dario and Mirko Bischofberger: world premiere at the Sci-Fi London Festival in May 2018, followed by the US premiere at the Nashville Film Festival, Tennessee, one of the oldest film festivals in the world.
Katrina’s Dream, a fantastic drama, is the third film directed by the brothers Dario and Mirko Bischofberger. The original soundtrack, composed by Hugo Lippens, was recorded at the Sudestudio (Italy), played by the Orchestra of Lecce. Coming out in theaters late 2018.

Listen to one of the tracks composed by Hugo Lippens

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Residence in Angers Film Festival

Hugo Lippens attends the “Premiers Plans Film Festival” in Angers to participate to a workshop about music and film.

Organized by the Sacem and the festival, the workshop brings together composers and directors working on a film in development.
Hugo Lippens takes part to the workshop with the french director Pauline Amelin to work on a her musical short film Show.

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Hugo Lippens et Pauline Amelin à Angers / ©Premiers Plans

Hugo Lippens and Pauline Amelin / ©Premiers Plans


“Where is Rocky II?” and “The Last Hounds” still on tour

Week-end du DocWhere is Rocky II? by Academy-awarded Pierre Bismuth and The Last Hounds by Morgane Thibaut are screened this weekend in Brussels. Hugo Lippens composed the original score of these two films.

The short film The Last Hounds will be screened on Friday 17th of November (7pm, Plateau96) at the Week-end du Doc, an event focusing on documentaries, and the long feature Where is Rocky II? will be screening at the Brussels Art Film Festival (BAFF) on Saturday 19th of November (7pm, Cinematek).

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