“Retina” by Justin Heyl: Premiere in Amsterdam

I composed the music for Retina directed by Justin Heyl and produced by Action Reaction Production (Netherlands). The short has just been selected at Imagine Film Festival in Amserdam. Retina is a tribute to Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali’s Le Chien Andalou and can be seen on screen or in VR.

Action Reaction Productions website
Imagine Film Festival website


Where is Rocky II? in Art Basel


After a world premiere at the Hot Docs Festival in Toronto, Where is Rocky II? directed by Pierre Bismuth will open Art Basel, the prestigious contemporary art fair. The movie will be screened on 13th June at the Stadtkino, with the director, the Hollywood actor and writer Mike White and the film score composer Hugo Lippens. According to Art Basel, Where is Rocky II? is “at once a documentary, a crime thriller and a work of art – and ultimately something else entirely”.

Screened a month ago as a world premiere in the biggest documentary film festival in North America, Where is Rocky II? has been noticed by the critics. Hollywood Reporter refers to it in its highlights of the festival, NOW Magazine considers it as “creative, original and eminently watchable”, whereas Globe and Mail underlines that the film is “unique”. Indeed Pierre Bismuth’s movie blurs the categories between fiction and documentary, but also between thriller and comedy. Its complex but playful narration can satisfy both our intellect than our desire to be entertained. Hugo Lippens attended as well the Hot Docs Festival and his music was also noticed by the critics. “Memorable” (Andrew Parker, Toronto Film Scene) and “Top-notch” (Victor Stiff, Popoptiq), the score plays with the thriller’s codes and enhances the mystery of the plot. It is without saying that the music is one of the elements which strongly creates the fiction’s feeling in the film.

Where is Rocky II? in Toronto!

Where Is Rocky II? directed by Pierre Bismuth: Premiere in Toronto! Looking forward to being there and so proud to have composed the original score for this awesome film.

The Academy Award-winner director, Pierre Bismuth, asked several celebrities from Hollywood to participate in his film. Between fiction and documentary, Where is Rocky II? has indeed a prestigious cast: the scenarists DV DeVincentis (High Fidelity) and Anthony Peckham (Invictus), the actors Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes), Robert Knepper (Prison Break,The Hunger Games) and Stephen Tobolowsky (Californication) to name a few.


Where is Rocky II on the Hot Docs website