Where is Rocky II? 
Directed by Pierre Bismuth
With Michael Scott, D.V DeVincentis, Jim Ganzer, Anthony Peckham, Mike White, Robert Knepper and Milo Ventimiglia

Directed by Yvan Le Moine
With Rupert Everett, Hande Kodja and Béatrice Dalle

Ghosts in the Sand

Inspired by Nature

Directed by Pablo Muñoz Gomez

Directed by Basile Vuillemin

University of Zürich

Directed by Mirko Bischofberger

World Sountrack Awards
Music performed by the Brussels Philharmonic and conducted by Dirk Brossé.

Who’s in the Fridge? – A love story
Directed by Philippe Lamensch
With Gaetan Wenders and Florence Hebbelynck

Directed by Basile Vuillemin
With Anne Coesens, Fabrice Rodriguez and Pauline Brisy.

Do you even know…
Directed by Arthur Lecouturier
With Valentine Lapière, Françoise Oriane and Anne Coesens.